Welcome to the Just Wing It blog. You can read about my journey towards completing my goal of training for and running a marathon. 

You will also have an opportunity to see my creations as I work on new projects, read my stories about fishing, hunting & anything else I care to share. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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I am a wife & working mother of two beautiful children. I have an emotionally challenging career as a 911 dispatcher and if that didn’t provide enough excitement I am a also a volunteer firefighter. My experiences have lead me to renew and strengthen my personal relationship with God.

Early on in my career I learned a very important lesson, the importance of having a healthy outlet to deal with the stress. I took to running.

I was a distance runner throughout high school so it was familiar and it didn’t require a lot of money… so I thought. What I didn’t take into account was the money I would eventually spend on running shoes (you can never have too many), running clothes (you need a couple sets for each season) and of course entry fees to races.

I am not all about running though.  I love fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and just being outdoors in general. My family spends a lot of time “up north” in the summer pursuing muskies and enjoying the peace and relaxing atmosphere of the Minnesota north woods. In the fall my husband and I take to the woods and hope to harvest a mature whitetail deer with our bows. I have also started to explore my creative side lately.

We include our children on our adventures whenever possible. We hope to teach them, by example, to love God, the importance of being active, importance of responsible hunting & fishing and to be creative.

This blog is to share our adventures and lessons learned along the way.

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